Friday, July 17, 2009


Chicken Fingerz - 2 beakZ (har har) of 5
Buffalo Fingerz - 4 beakZ (never gets old) of 5

It's the place you see on all the exit food/gas/lodging description signs when you're driving up here. Zaxby's is a chain based in Athens, GA. We didn't have them in LA where Raising Canes ruled the roost, so I was very interested in what I was going to get.

I ordered both their Buffalo Fingerz and their Chicken Fingerz. How cute are the Z's? You know since the name of the place starts with a Z? Anywhoo, what I really dig about this place is that you can just order straight chicken fingers without side items. Most places let you do it, but it's generally always a hassle and someone always looks at you like you've got a second head growing out of your shoulder.

So the food. The tenders were good sized, and they came with sauce. I'm REALLY curious about this sauce phenomenon. Once again, I get crawfish sauce with my chicken. For those of you who aren't following my blog out of pity for me and don't live in LA, crawfish sauce is a combination of mayo and ketchup with additional optional ingredients (Tony's Seasoning and Worcestershire Sauce). So crawfish sauce goes well with chicken, but I'm not sure how all this business started. This sauce was a little mayo heavy.

I was pleased with the chicken fingers. Warm and thinly breaded, but lacking seasoning. The chicken was quality, but I felt like the addition of some salt would've been nice.

Holy snap! While doing research on the proper naming of all these things, I just realized that Zaxby's Buffalo Fingerz have nine different sauces to choose from. GET OUT OF TOWN. I really felt the Buffalo Fingerz were the strong point of the menu. You get celery attached which rounds it out, right? The wing sauce was heavily hot sauce based, but there are a couple of other flavours which would be good. I've since lost the ones I was going to mention. Zaxby's website probably doesn't like Firefox.

So for the ratings. We're working on a five beak system for chicken.

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